National Level Messaging Service

DIRECT MAIL PERU reaches any point of the national territory through its route of distribution and channeling, see meilleur casino en ligne offering its clients a wide range of modalities within these services: reception and delivery in any point of the national territory of your shipments, insurance coverage, fixed services with pick-ups / deliveries at specific times (bags) and any other needs that the client may want to pose.

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Our general delivery times are from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 12 noon in capitals of provincial cities and during the day in the rest of towns.

We currently have 240 delivery points and pick up all over the country, DIRECT MAIL PERU, the company with the best and best coverage of the national market.

List of main cities where the representatives of Direct Mail Per encuentran





 Nva. Cajamarca







 Big bagua








 Beautiful view









 Pto. Bermudez




 Pto. Maldonado








 San Marcos



 Cerro de Pasco

 SM from Pangoa




 San Miguel



 San Ramon



 Santa Cruz



 Sgo. from Chuco

 You lie



 The Golden





 I knew





 The mercy


 The most

 Tingo Mar a






 Villa Rica